SWAP: Onza 24" for Coker

I have a good condition 24" Onza, splined cranks, 165 cranks, one new off-road ( tyre Gazzoldi ), one slightly worn ( Hookworm ) road tyre, two sets of pedals and KH seat. A good condition and beautifully smooth unicycle. I would like to swap all this for a coker ( maybe with slight cash adjustment either way depending on condition/accesories etc.).
I am in the North East of England (Durham).

Are you interested of selling the onza? There is/was 36" qu-ax for sale on the forum.

Yes, I might be it would depend on the price and it would have to be shipped to Finland. I think it all was worth about £240 when purchased. I would settle for about two thirds of that. About the price of a Nimbus Muni but much better.
I must correct one mistake in the description. The off road tyre is a Kenda not a Gazzoldi; apologies for this.
JohnThe Bee.

It would have to be shipped to chester, uk. But not sure about the price. How would 140 sound?

Swap Onza for Coker

I may be interested. Can you give me a couple of days please so that I can talk to people at the cub on Tuesday.

Let me know as soon as you know. I am about to place an order for a new muni.

Swap Onza for coker

Ok, I will sell the Onza for £140 but I would like you to pay for carraige.
If this is okay I will contact you again on friday to sort the logistics.

Can we split the shipping costs? Should not be more than 7 pounds per head.