SW UK unicycle meet October 3rd

Has details of a uni meet to be held in Exeter on October 3rd. a big sports hall to play in, hockey, freestyle, silly games etc. UUU level tests ( L1-3, please e-mail if you want to do L4 + to check we have a tester lined up) .

Hi there, i was just wondering weather a twenty-g tire would count as non marking sorry if its a noobish questing.

I have NO idea. Its slick FAT tyre , right?
If it is a very soft compound and it leaves marks on a smooth floor when you turn, it’s a marking tyre and best not used in sports halls. If you chose to bring it, we will issue you with a cloth to scrub off any nasty black marks it leaves on the floor…

i wouldnt worry about it. Creepy crawlers, monty eagle claws and Tryall Sticky dont seem to mark that floor I say go for it and find out later.

I’d love to ome but i’m all the way in canterbury. Or at least I think I will be on that date. Anyone up for giving me a lift all the way down?

Any one coming from Cardiff or Bristol… shall I plan on LOTS of hockey?

BUMP. nearly Uni meet time again. hope to see some of you there.