Suzue 36-spoke unicycle hub

Used but in great condition. Bearings spin freely.

$5.00 plus actual shipping costs.

email me at bruceedwards at verizon dotnett.

why are you getting rid of so much stuff?

any unis

I just sold 17 unicycles on Ebay and have one more to go, a Coker. But I just haven’t had time to get to it yet. Seems I’ve been replacing engines in vehicles for some time now. The extra stuff has accumulated over the years and it’s time to clean up a bit.


The hub is now spoken for.

can you please let me know about the coker fisrt:D

I’ll be posting it on eBay and I’ll make an announcement in the Trading Post forum when it’s listed. It might be awhile though. I’ve got so many projects on the list.

what is your job? do you have your own uni store?

i think may be a good time to exercize the “use the search” phrase

Interestingly, I don’t have a job at the moment. I was laid off in June. But no, I don’t have an eBay store or anything. We just had a lot of unicycles from a unicycle club that went defunct. We still have eight unicycles that we’re keeping except for the one Coker.

what is your ebay account name?