suspension unicycle


i was sat in class last week and drifted off thinking about different unicycles and new ideas for unicycles when the idea of suspension just popped into my head.

i am aware there have been ideas about this for many years now but i wasnt sure if anyone had actually managed to succesfully build one.

if you have any pictures or any links to pictures or any comments on this idea then feel free to reply

thanks very much

i dont think anyone has succesfully made one yet but there are suspension seat posts on

Darren made one a while back, it didnt work tought cause when it was fully compressed it would hit the tire

To have effective suspension it has to be in-between your feet and the ground, on a bike it works because it is between your feet and the center of the wheel (the frame). On a uni your feet are already in the center of the wheel and putting the suspension in the frame would only be noticed when sitting on the seat. The only way to make uni suspension like a bike’s would be to some how put it in the spokes or between the hub and the tire.

why not have pedals that can compress down?

Do explain…
You had an idea about shocks a while back…

You know thats “Evan Bynne”? Not me.

Read this thread:

But that idea wont work unless you pay godly amounts for a machined rim with memory, or a telascpoing rim that can slide into it self.

i think the best way to have suspension on a unicycle is either pedals that can compress downward, or cranks that can for down about 5-6%. Pedals would be easyer, you could use a small track for the pedal to fallow on, and use either alrge rubber/silacone block at the bottom or a heavy duty spring.

I need suspension because I do extreme 2 foot drops on my Nimbus X freestyle uni. my NIMBUS X IS THE BEST UNICYCLE EVER!
You need bawls (man, I need some!) to do insane 2 foot drops and break your cranks!

Ease off the crack tyler.

Ease off the crack tyler.


It’s not Tyler. It’s DK.

i just whipeed up that drawing in like 5 min, thats why it looks like crap, anyway, you can see the little rail sticking down from the bottom of the pedal, well when a large force/weight is aplyed downward ot the pedal the pedal will slide down the rail momentarily to obzorb the shock then spring back up

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