Suspension Uni

Check out this cool suspension uni I just picked up.

Suspension Uni small1.JPG

Here’s another pic.

Suspension Uni small.JPG

woa where’d you get that beast? Does it work good? ya like it?

was that the one on ebay with out a pic?

how hard have you ridden it so far?

o and watch out for that quick release it is extremely dangerous it likes to nip at your heals and i got hit in the achilles tendon with mine.

Yes it was

Haven’t gotten it yet. Just closed the deal minutes ago. I figured even if the frame turns out to be not much, a new Luna tire and Alex DX32 rim is worth it.

that’s nice. really really cool looking, at least.

I had one of those unicycles. They sell them on
I broke the frame, they replaced it, I broke it again and asked for my money back.
The suspension is a nice gimmick but its weak. The arm that goes accross to stop the frame from twisitng just snaps away from the frame making it useless. You could just use it for road riding, but its 20" so that wont be too fun, because any hard stuff will break it.
There are a few threads about this allready.

The rim and wheel are about all that’s good about those uni’s.

Two friends of mine have broken them, munimanpete and my other friend Rowan…we trashed his one in less than 5 minutes…

still looks cool…