Surprise unicycle shots!

finally got around to getting a roll of film developed that I had kicking around, and I thought I would share the results. Not much of it is unicycle related, but here are a couple unicycle highlight shots!

For anyone interested, here is the album. I will be posting more cuts to the album soon.

You kids(and adults) with your facebook albums. Why not post to a site that visitors do not need to join? I guess I could be asked why I haven’t joined yet, but that is beside the matter. Soon, soon.


i wish i had never joined facebook,
i recently realised it’s wasting my life away.
but if i leave, then my fan page, and the group i made for my school year group wil disapear. so i have to keep it, but while i have it, i find it too tempting to check it all the time.

Thanks for the pictures Nathan! I forgot about those:p I’ll save the first one and but it on my desktop… Can you post the pictures somewhere else than Facebook? because I really want to see them… and I dont have a facebook account anymore.

Facebook is not that bad… the album owner may go into Edit album and then at the very bottom of the page there is a strange link - that is external link to the album. You may share it and then even non-facebook-folks will be able to see it. :slight_smile: