Surly's fattish touring tire

This Winter, Surly is releasing the 26" ExtraTerrestrial tire! It should fit the 26" Rabbit Hole rims. Looks like it might be a great unicycle tire for hard packed dirt and road rides…maybe even some touring. I’m definitely getting a pair for my Surly Troll bike to take bikepacking, but unless they make a 24", I’ll probably never unicycle with one.

What do you guys think? Anyone going to try it out? Looks comparable to the Marathon and Big Apple.


P.S. On a completely irrelevant note, I finally graduated nursing school last month and I have 4 days off a week, so hopefully I can get back to municyling more regularly. I’m willing to drive to Eugene, Bend, and the Southern OR coast if any fellow Oregonian unicyclists want to do some winter fat riding/Snuni/whatever the kids are calling it these days.

it’s not going on any of my unicycles, but will be the next touring tire for my LHT : )

First off, huge congrats on graduating! A big way to go there. Enjoy your newly found free time. (And making money rather than just spending it, I’m guessing.)

My first thought on the ExtraTerrestrial was that I’d rather have a Hookworm plus the $100 difference. It looks like the ET will only be around twice the price, but Hookworms can go just about everywhere too.

And I had a chuckle when I saw that they’ve also got a rim called My Other Brother Darryl. That might be one of those “if you’re old enough to remember” things though. Surly’s product managers seem to be about my age. (Cf. “Hüsker Dü”) It looks cool, if creeping towards selling us a box of air where there used to be a metal rim before they milled it all away.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to finally working my dream job.

Regarding the price, I thought $60 for a tire was pretty good. I’m so used to paying $100+ for my fatter tires, I got excited at the possible $60 price tag. But you’re right, the hookworm is dirt cheap and performs well. I don’t think I’d trust it as much on gravel and dirt though. But maybe it’ll be best on pavement, in which case you may as well go with the Hookworm. Looking forward to the reviews.

If you have a 26" LHT, perfect! There’s a rumor that it’ll be available for 29ers as well. We’ll see.

26 for sure. I’m short : )

I like it. Kind of ‘nanoraptorish’ which was a good 29er tire for uni’s at one point…