Surly Knard 29 x 3" 27tpi wire bead, "modified"

This is the 27tpi version wire bead version, which is a little more robust than the folding version, also a tad heavier (+150gm).

I have trimmed the edge knobbies so it will clear the frame legs on an Oracle 29. I do not know what frames will clear the Knard, possibly some 36" frames, some Tritons, older KH, etc… It fits just right on an Oracle 29" with the revised crown.

This tire sells for $90, there were no sale prices that I could find. Mine is in excellent shape, three months old, tread is 90+% new, no damage to the sidewall.

I’m looking for $60 plus shipping.

Send a PM if interested.

pm sent :slight_smile:

pm sent

sale pending to rtdeden2.

Wes you gotta get in line :roll_eyes:

Sold :slight_smile: