Surly Extra Terrestrial 29x2.5


does anyone use this tire on a municycle?

I´m realy interessted, to hear something about the performance of this tire.

I think for me (light / medium muni / cross riding an also street) it could be great.

best regards from Germany,


Hey Sven,
This post might be better in the “product review” section, having said that it’s a question not a review! :wink:

I became aware of this tire when I posted on FB about putting the heavy Hookworm back on my uni and liking it - after having spent weeks with a narrower but much lighter Marathon touring tire:
If you’re not on FB, and I won’t blame you for it, but what happened is that Brian (might be on the forum here too) recommended that tire as his favorite 29" tire. I got some info and liked the specs (rather thick sidewalls, yet lighter than the super-heavy Hookworm, good volume, etc). I even found a review here from two bike tourers that looks promising for our one-wheelers.

I spoke to Surly and they said the tire would work on a narrow rim (perfect in my case), don’t know about how it would perform on a wide one like the KH rim though.

One thing for sure: it will be my next tire!

That sounds great!

I think, i try this tire, top. Thank you for your answer.



Cool let us know how it goes… and where you find one in Europe at a good price!

The price range is 65 - 69 Euro. I think, there is no chance to buy them cheaper.

Yep. I found it in the UJK and it works out about the same price with the current low £ rate. The US usual price is lower, but then it often doesn’t include state taxes and/or shipping. And of course, you would have to go to the US to receive it!

The ExtraTerrestrial was the first tire I ran on my 45mm Nextie NXT29XA45 rim!

The tire was beautifully light and I liked the tread and profile, but it kept popping off the rim when run, both tubeless and tubed.

…Suspicious that Nextie’s manufacturing tolerances are not to the same standards as Surly’s – I think the ball is in Nextie’s court for this one.

Either that, or trying to run a 2.5" folding bead on the 45mm wide is no bueno.

These days there’s a 29" DHR II on that wheel. Something something heavier / beefier sidewalls / more aggressive tread / stays attached to my rim


do you still have the Extraterrestrial tire? I would Like to buy it from you. Where do you come from?

I hope, it works on my 40mm rim.