Surly Conundrum 26" Frame

So I met Brycer tonight at his Dream Unicycle Workshop planning to have him pimp out the brakes on my old school Chromoly KH24 but then I saw his Surly Conundrum 26 and realized that owning one would make my life complete.

Being a parts hoarder myself I know that someone here bought a few when they were discontinued and has them stashed under their bed or in the attic. If you are willing to part with a 26" Conundrum frame in either black or champagne I will gladly fund that dental filling you have been putting off getting.

I will also consider trading my 9/10 classic black Chromoly KH24 (a 2004 model) with brakes towards a built Surly 26 with Large Marge rims.

Ride On!


Hi Mike.
I think you want a new frame, but it might be good to clarify: Are you also ok with a lightly used frame or even a complete or partially built up unicycle that comes with a Conundrum frame??

And I just sold mine…sorry.

Bryce, don’t you have an extra?

Hi Bryce - Good point - I’d be happy to take any used or pre-owned Surly Conundrum 26 frame/wheel combo or complete Muni and then get it powder coated, etc. Thanks so much for the tech session last night!

Ben - That rig you just sold was exactly what I was looking for!!! Perhaps the buyer will decide he wants to pass it on at some point - perhaps enter treatment for Unicycle Acquisition Syndrome and need to sober up.

Feel free to PM me with any leads!



Yes, I used to, but I sold the last one to a local rider last year.


Ha… I don’t have one but I don’t blame you for wanting one… They are lush… =P


I do have a spare frame but I think I’m going to keep it. I had a friend who thought he’d want it but hasn’t really taken to unicycling like he thought he would. I was thinking of keeping it because they don’t make then any longer… I’ll let you know if I change my mind, you would need to grab everything but the frame and seat post.
All this would probably be about the same as buying a new Oregon, it’s a different frame but has disk brakes and comes with the surly large marge rim and Larry tire.

For $800, the Oregon is a good deal, esp if you consider that the rim and tire alone are $250, then there’s all the fringe benefits like a disc brake, strong steel frame, interchangeable wheels…

My son rides the Oregon as his primary muni year round, it replaced the Conundrum which we shared. I mostly ride a 29er, saving my Larry rides for the winter mud and snow.

Great riding tire/rim, everyone should have one :slight_smile: