Supporting RSU

Gilby has done alot of work to make these fora for us. Say that fast five times. Fora for us, fora for us, fora for us, fora for us, fora for us. He used to have a “support this site” button available on every page. Hopefully he will reinstate it. If not, he received PayPal donations in the past and a PM to him asking for the donation instructions would be a nice gesture.

Thanks for all your work, Gilby.

I second that.

Chairman says: “This motion has been moved and seconded. The subject is open for debate.”

me too! well, I would gladly donate if I had any money, and if my parents would allow it, but they don’t even let me talk to people online let alone send them money…

I just got some $… I’ll donate $15 soon

You’re welcome. :slight_smile: (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the smiley)

[SIZE=2]I gave into peer pressure and just put up a donate link at the top of the page. If you don’t have the money to spare then please don’t donate.

I might have T-shirts up for sale on the site by Friday, which will help cover the costs to run

Ah. The “donate” button is toward the upper right corner.

It’s a dead link. :frowning:

If I had known the support thing was there before, I would have used it when ordering from UDC…I never knew about it untill recently. But now its gone right? The thing were you order from UDC and Gilby gets a percentage or something?

Is it really going to be a good link soon? or did Gilby put it there for in response to this thread? and if it is going to be a good link it would probably be a good idea to make it stand out more
If there was a link for unicyclist dot com to get a percentage from orders we or I place with UDC that would be good, as I am getting ready to spend a chunk with them for the holidays

The link was alive yesterday evening and is alive today. I wonder why it’s giving you and Tyler problems. Did you try another browser?

fwiw, the link works fine with linux/firefox

Ok I am open to try any ideas on how to get to link cause it still cant open

Try this for now.

Or try this:

They should be the same thing. I hope it doesn’t log you on as me.

I forgot to check the paypal link in IE, where it did not work because it’s too long. I made a page on this site now instead which has a PayPal and Amazon as cash donation option, as well as purchases. However, the PayPal link still does not work in IE, but it’s a different problem that I think is temporary as trying PayPal links in IE on other people’s websites resulted in the same error.

Good job, Harper. I have been surfing this site daily since I got into uni a few months ago. It’s a big part of the hobby for me. I never even thought about the funding issue. The donate button on the site worked fine for me a few minutes ago.

Gilby - Thanks for the site, dude!

I just donated $1,000, two kidneys and a used car in Harper’s name. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks, Gilby!

Dang. I needed that car.

Thanks, but it appears to have come through under your name. :slight_smile:

I don’t have the money, but I can give you thanks in words.

Thanks Gilby, you are a king among men.


Any thanks to Gilby in the form of words bumps this thread back up to the top where it can be easily viewed by all. It has a double benefit.