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The Paypal donate button has been replaced by a “Support this site” link on the main page of Gilby has made a variety of ways available for us to provide the small amount of monthly support needed to keep this web site running at something other than a loss. Since he is too modest to announce this I have started this thread as a reminder that he provides a fantastic, interesting, informative, and entertaining service from which we all benefit. Even if you are unable to provide support as outlined in the link, expressing your appreciation with a reply to this thread with a very much deserved “thank you” to Gilby will keep it alive as a reminder to others as well as to ourselves to send a little his way every so often.

Thank you. And thank you Gilby.

Thank you Gilby!!!

Yes (again!): thank you Gilby. And a thank you to the Drummonds for the linked sponcership. It’s nice to have the running costs quantified- let’s us put our donnations in perspective.


Whenever I call up I always mention this site. I ordered my United two or three days ago, and had a good conversation with Amy about the board. I’ll definately be using this new link when the time comes to order the Profile hub/crank along with the air Miyata with carbon fiber base.