Superman tutorial video

I saw this on youtube, so I thought it would be helpfull to a lot of people.

No sound and I could understand almost none of the text (Polish?), but I think just the vid is enough.

Is there someone who can translate it? I`m gonna learn it when I come home.

Thank you for the find. I tried it today, most parts seem pretty easy. Now to put it all together.

The only thing, though, is that he puts the cranks vertically. I find it’s easier for me to put them at an angle. I think the reason for that is: my ride is a 24" with 170mm cranks. The high crank is too high up to reach it. Other than that, it’s great.

You could do like he does in getting your feet back on the pedals. Put your foot on the down pedal, stand up, and then put your foot on the top pedal. He does it just like this in most of his “attempts”

I keep my cranks horizontal when I attempt it.

Ok guys, I’ve just seen this thread and as I’m Polish I translated this tutorial for you (after the 3rd part I started marking text slides with “—”). Have fun:
The tutorial has been made by the guy nicknamed citro1.



it’s good to hear that somebody find it useful, in future i’ll try to do some more (but also with eanglish version :wink: )

Big thanks for u Jędrzej for urs translation :smiley: :slight_smile:

greetings, citro :slight_smile:

I wonjoy more from you. You dont just say, you do this and that, and your done. You actually step through it and practice each part before throwing it all together, which makes it a lot easier.

I may just take this video and use the translations by J-n and voice over it in english for anyone else who may want it… I’ll post the link when I get it up…

when i do supermans i find it easier to do it with the cranks horizontal.



This is one of the more impressive lower level tricks IMO, especially if done well (body perfectly horizontal & held for 1-2 seconds). Unfortunately I only rarely see it in videos.