Superbowl Sunday Riding

Just made a video of my riding before the Superbowl today… its on Unicyclist and Youtube.

Gallery link

Youtube link


nice man!! that was a coooool vid,

You’re really small, how old are you?

I get that a lot, though.

You make that unicycle look like a 24".

I’m 6’ 155-160 lbs, my unicycle looks pretty small.

it wasn’t a 24"?

Haha, nope. Nimbus trials 20.

no he’s saying that because you are so small that your uni SEEMS like a 24"
good video also
how old are you?

I’m 14.

im 14 too–and super short too!! Now I know i’m not the only one!!

same here; i’m thin, so i look taller

It’s a short people Reunion.

Heres my story.

When I was at college the professor handed out this flyer that was kind of like a scavenger hunt. It had questions on it and you hand to find someone who had those qualities and have them sign it. Well one of them was, “Are you under 5’6”. My sister and I were the ONLY people who could sign.

Xav’s really short, but that does’nt hold him back from being one of the best in the world.

If you are short you have less weight to pull up and could likely jump higher on a uni.

I’m not gifted with this quality though. 5’10" 155-160 lbs.

But if you are tall you can tuck the uni up so much more. Also, a ledge above a tall person’s knee could be almost at a short person’s waist so that would go more in favor of tall people.
I am 5’4", when I was 13 I was 4’9".

Dude I have a 14 year old brohter and he’s got to be at least twice as tall as you. Nice vid btw.

Dude lol I am 14 to but much much bigger I am 6’1 160-170 all my family is tall though on my moms and dads sides. At first I thought you were a little kid that could be better than being mistaken for a older kid I have been asked weird stuff because of that. Anyways nice vid wish I was that good dot mine a week ago and I can finally just ride it.

My Mom should never let me ride inside our house :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Nice vid :smiley:

Well, the basement is kinda beat up already, so my parents don’t really mind.

Shorty. I’m 12 and I’m 5’1". My friend is 13 and he’s 5’6". Ha.