Super Trick Cycle for sale on Ebay

Check it out at item #7246839969

Brad demonstrating the STC.

thats so weird

I’ve been on one that only had one pedal. They’re awsome!

Bruce, did you make that or purchase it?

Did you bring that to regionals in Minneapolis at some point? I think I have seen it, but I don’t think our club owns one.

Funny you should ask. We actually bought it from a TCUC member at NAUCC 2003 in Minneapolis. You have probably seen it because it possibly made appearances at your club meetings in the past…and your club does not own one now because they sold it to us. :slight_smile:

if you want to end it early or change the start bid to $50 plus ship, i will bid or buy.

75 is a little high for a “swing bike” copy…you can dis-assemble it as tiny as you want to fit into $20 shipping to 97301

you can even take the forks out if you want, just package all the head-set parts in a plastic bag.


I would except that there are 21 people watching the auction at the moment so I think it might sell. Plus, we paid quite a bit more for the bike than the price listed in the auction. So I’ll let it ride (pardon the pun) for the moment.

Thanks though,

yeah, you seem to be doing quite well there…after all the revisions im surprised you never put “swing” in the title.

i found an original add for the real swing bikes.

Much better than I thought too and there’s still 50 minutes left.

I looked at the swing bike ad. Neat! The only difference is that the swing bikes are chain driven while STC is almost a unicycle with an added frame.

You did pretty well on that, Bruce. I was bidding early, but dropped out.

The winner emailed me and said that he has been looking for an STC for about six months. Sure am glad to have helped him out.

how much did it go for?


yeah, they are wicked!
i’m going to build one as soon as i can pick up the front ends off two 20" bmx’s and a 20" unicycle. i have had a breif go on Tony’s one and they kick ass

Ed, just check out the eBay Auction.