super slim stiff saddle

I put together some pics of making a super slim saddle

link: If a picture is worth a thousand words this must be worth 12000:)

Nice tutorials saskatchewan. Where did you buy that gel stuff?

Thanks Danni,

The gel is from one of those velo GelTech bike seat covers. Somebody gave it to me as a present years ago but I have never used it. Everything else came from Evan (base, cover, bumpers and hardware)

Whats the weight?
Seems like metal, so I think will weight more then a CF sadle.

Peter M

what the hell kind of fish is this?

Looks more comfy than sitting on a cat.

Yah it is heavy (about 1.5x as much as a KH) but I put it on a frame and pushed as hard as I could on the end and it didn’t budge. You could do this with a carbon base and it would be much lighter.

I think the base I used is from a Schwinn seat.

I believe that cat is more suited to long distance and MUni while the fish is better for trials and flat :slight_smile:

Careful it doesn’t snap, that seems to be the trend with those bases rather than just bending.