Super Size Me!

Some favorite coker moments…(offroad) Watch the old(er) mtb-er at the end! :smiley:

I make these especially for everyone on our forums, and I really appreciate your comments and feedback! :slight_smile:

Sweet! Nice vid Terry. You look like you have a lot of fun with the people, I can’t wait until I am worthy of a Coker! Thanks for sharing, very cool.

Nice! Who was the “world champion cycler”?

The edge of that wheel moves so much that when you swivel it looks a bit like drifting. And that log, ha!

Thank you for making the videos; they are some of the most entertaining out there.

Thanks. One of many fun aspects of MUni, is talking with hikers & bikers who are usually quite curious and inquisitive. I enjoy stopping and chatting with them; in fact several have become one-wheeled riders themselves! :smiley:

PS: Welcome to the uni forums! :slight_smile:

The guy at the end sounded exactly like my German grandpa!
Cool vid!

“Your Fun To Scratch”…is that what she said? :wink:
Man, you were flyin’ in that second clip.
That big drop was Coker-CooCoo!
When I get some more saddle time on my 36 I gotta go and scoot some off-road…
Maximum Respect Mon,

Don’t know. There’s a little more I edited out where he said his name, but I couldn’t understand it. I could post that little snippet of video here and maybe someone could understand it and then google the name? haha, no big deal. But that guy was a riot to be sure, and seemed to be just so amazed-even “dumbfounded”- by seeing not just a uni ridden offroad, but one that size. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Yeah I like to keep the wheel in a “fluid” state for quick maneuvers and allowing it to adapt instantly to the terrain.

Ok here’s that last little snippet of the mtb guy at the end. Can anybody make out his last name? Then volume is full and there’s no music to interfere.

awesome video:D

it sounds like Michael Rusch

there is a bike person called Rebecca Rusch and Michael Emde

only at a quick look though :thinking:

haha, she was pretty cute for sure! I may be buying a KH 36er soon. I really should have something stronger than my current 36er, which has a square taper hub. I’ve bent many a cranks or at least the square openings have been rounded out so much that they are impossible to keep tight!

Out of 6 pairs I currently have, only the 114mm, 127mm and new 150’s are still in good shape. But I have done some pretty hard core riding on it and it has held up surprisingly well. :o

Haha, maybe it was him! :wink:

I tried googling that name but somebody else came up. Oh well. But he was probably the most animated and surprised people I’ve ever encountered lol! He just couldn’t believe it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Muniaddict is a maniac.I bent a crank on my 36 the other day doing a 12" drop.I don’t know how your 36 stays in one piece with what you put it through.

Beats me haha! But I’m kinda light at 143 lbs, plus I always try to roll out of drops, distributing the impact. Plus I keep the psi quite low to absorb the shock of impact, but enough as to not bottom out on the rim. :slight_smile: And yes, I definitely cop to your first sentence, lol! :smiley: Btw, I have also bent several pairs of cranks doing drops, but not lately, knock rubber! What I’m really more surprised at, is that the hub has lasted, and the rim hasn’t tacoed on me!

You make me feel guilty if I watch the video but dont leave a comment.
So there it is. oh and video is great as usual. you’re a rebel, and we like how you interact with people.

man you’re like the John Farnham of unicycling. i thought you were stopping making videos ages ago haha?
but don’t though.
they’re good.
(you probably won’t understand the john farnham joke, so i’ll explain, he’s a famous aussie singer and he’s forever announcing his ‘final’ tours.
aussie would probably get it.)

Thanks. The comments really mean a lot. :slight_smile:

Yeah I really enjoy chatting with people, and if I can get them interested enough to learn, then it’s all the better! :smiley:

To quote the fella!

“Mind boggling”

The way you ride that 3foot wheel over tree stumps and drops is amazing. I have trouble just getting on mine!

Keep doing it Tel, you certainly make the forums a fun place to be.

Oh yeah, i also liked the “so are you” to the lady running past. Quick thinking!

haha, I only now just saw your “invisible” text! I never intended to stop making videos, just took some breaks now & then. In fact, I’ve been making them on a fairly regular basis all along, and this is the 20th video I’ve made since Feb '09. That’s an average of 1 per week! :smiley:
(That even surprises me lol!)

Thanks Bob. Every time I ride that trail-and i do at least once per week-I always wonder if I’ll see her again! :slight_smile:

Great, super, awesome, and all such things, video. Really.
But one video per week?! Woah, that’s incredible!

I think the guy was named Mike/Michael Crusch/Corusch or something along those lines. He didn’t look much like a world champion cycler, but whatever.

Cool video with nice riding.