Super Bouncy Balls on Ebay

We bought these superballs for a game night once in our unicycle club. It was a lot of fun. The object was to ride around the gym and catch as many balls in a lunchbag-sized paper sack as you could. It was hilarious! Crazy! Chaotic! We had people stationed throughout the gym to pick up balls and bounce them back into the air. Kids were riding everywhere! They had to keep their eye on the ball but also watch where they were going at the same time. I think they learned some real skills that night about controlling their unicycling. They kids had so much fun with it! It was a few years ago but I bet if they looked, the custodians at the school could still find a superball or two stuck under the bleachers.

This is a photo of about 200 superballs. There are 380 in the bag I’m selling on eBay.


Those would be nice to have. Just for the sake of it :smiley: And 5$ isn’t a lot too. Too bad I can’t buy stuff from other countries:o

I’d be happy to ship it anywhere. The purchaser would simply have to pay the actual shipping costs. Yes, they are a lot of fun. To see 300 superballs released at once in a gymnasium was incredible!

But the shipping to Slovenia would cost too much then.

I bet it would be pricey. 380 solid rubber balls do not make for a lightweight package.

It would be fun, though, because we, too, get together in a small gym once a week.