Super bad day

I’ve gotten my 180 unispins down so I can land them like 99.9% of the time. Earlier today though I couldn’t land like a single one. I would maybe land 1 every 10 try’s. I did realize though that I don’t really watch my feet when I do unispins, I’m assuming that I should be right?

I tend to watch the pedals… but maybe you should watch your feet. Idk man, I’ll try looking at my feet sometime and tell you how it goes.

If this is a super bad day you are very lucky my friend.

Yes, very lucky indeed.

:thinking: What’s a bad day for you guys then?

Death of a friend/loved one. Losing a hand or leg. Going blind. Being poor. Having a bad riding day is a .1 on my annoyance scale.

I guess I meant a bad “riding day”. Yeah compared to other stuff it wasn’t bad at all. I was just talking about having bad riding day.

Yeah, they suck. =p

Youll be hitting them constantly again soon. Maybe not try to think so much about it (Watching feet or pedals) and just do it and see what happens.

From the sounds of it, you have the motion down in muscle memory, so your feet should know where to position themselves and the average timing of moving back to the pedals.

Id just not think to much about it. Doing things blindfolded is just cooler anyways.

his “bad riding day” was at my house. I’m a witness.

The best thing is just stop riding if you;re having a bad day. Problem is I’m way too persistant and will probably try a trick 50 times and not land it a single time lol. Don’t do that. You’ll probably land it first go the next day.

A bad day is a day where you get seriously injured…

A bad is is when you don’t stick your unispin, fall and die.

Try to stay as loose as possible throughout your whole body. Don’t spin the unicycle too quickly, just smoothly. also, for right now, maybe try aiming for the cranks when you land rather than the pedalzzz?