Sunday, 28 Jan 1996 DOWN TIME: 15:00 - 22:00 GMT

Dear Fellow Internet Unicyclists,

Sorry, I accidently forgot the time zone in my previous message. It should have
stated EST, as in the corrected message below.

The down time is scheduled for 10:00 through 17:00 EST, but could last longer.
That’s 15:00 through 22:00 GMT for those of you in Europe and others outside of
the EST zone!

It will affect the Unicycling and IUF-discuss mailing lists, the Unicycling Home
Page and the Unicycling ftp archives.

The only major unicycling internet resource not affected is the newsgroup with the exception of the bi-directional gateway
to the mailing list.

It is suggested that you find a place to ride during this time and have fun or
write unicycling articles on your local system!

Stay On One Wheel, during the down time,

Ken Fuchs <