Sun Unicycles

Does anyone know anything about Sun unicycles?
Are they just like the cheap unicycle that all bike stores carry much like First Act musical instruments? Or are they actually worth purchasing?

I learned on a Sun 20". Wasn’t a bad unicycle, but is not built to do any hopping or muni. Perfectly sturdy for learning. The saddle leaves some to be desired.

Sun’s not bad, but you’d be better off getting the Torker LX 24" or 20". A little bit more expensive, but much more durable.


Here is an lx 20 for 127 $ shipped free. It is much better than the Sun, you shouldn’t go cheaper than that.

I started back into it on a 20" Sun it was fine, the frame did bruise the inside of my knees but that didn’t hurt, just didn’t look pretty. I liked my little Sun I even managed to ride on some light trails.

so Sun unicycles are kind of like the lower end torkers. they are great for learning and casual riding, but if you want anything more, they aren’t for you.

My first (and only so far) unicycle was a Sun. The pedal on it broke but it is still usable. Other than that it has been good to me. It has taken some abuse, but I don’t go on any big drops or anything.

Quick question: Is the only major difference in quality of unicycles their strength/durability? What makes some brands cost so much more $ than others?

Honestly I think that is probably the main factor, especially since a lot people people will buy a unicycle, but get different cranks, pedals, and seats.

Why some brands cost more ?

2 reasons, marketing, and cost of manufacture.

The hand welded of fine metal 07 KH 29’s that sold last winter from UDC for about 3 -fitty $ , were awesomely better than any other 350 $ muni available at the time, and sold out fast. That’s marketing, they wanted to move product out to make cash and pay for the '09 shipment.

Now the only KH 29’s around are going for big dollars. Just looking at a KH compared to a Nimbus trials, you are buying a strong durable uni either way. KH saves you a lb or so here and there, mostly with a more expensive to make alum frame. Almost all parts are interchangeable between the Nimbus ISIS and the KH. The Nimbus has a smaller 25 mm seat post. This may be because it’s Cro mo steel frame is weight-strength optimized with a smaller tube than is best for an alum frame.

Some of the KH parts seem to be stronger, the moment cranks especially, but in general people buy KH mostly to save weight, the Qu ax and Nimbus ISIS unis are about as strong.

KH also has the best customer service, they will swap out parts if the part appears defective, even with no warranty !, in other words, this reputation warranty does not expire in one year. KH stands behind it’s products like no other brand.:slight_smile:

Not at all.

I can hardly do anything on a rubbish unicycle.

One time I took an old Cyclepro (same thing as the Sun, really), and put some lightweight high-q factor 127mm cranks with Odyssey twisted PC pedals, a Nimbus gel seat, and a freestyle tire on it.

(total cost of these items if you don’t already have them is $90)

It actually made a decent freestyle uni, though the rim was a bit heavy and it had the rounded crown, so tricks were limited.

I have the sun 24" and so far it has been very kind to me. After half a year of riding the rim decided to bend on me so I just bought a stronger rim. I think the rim broke because I was starting to get into trials and jumpin off tables ain’t what that thing is meant to do. Plus I weigh like 200 so that probably contributed sun. If you can, I would go for the sun deluxe because you can get it in different colors, it has a flat crown and even a handle. In my opinion I think jumping on and off curbs is perfectly fine to do. This unicycle will be a great learner for you! good luck!


Will the Sun 24 fit extra tall riders OK? Or is that a stupid question because I could just replace the seat post? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m 6’ and I had to cut the seatpost, so yeah.


I found a used 24 semi-locally for $50, without pedals, but it would require an 85+ mile drive, each way, to pick it up, so I think I’m going to pass.

my sun uni 24 is brand new and i unicycle on it and my lx24 alot! the sun is fun and light! sometimes more fun then the torker

I had a classic style sun 20in that I learned on. It’s a great starter, but not much good once you get proficient, unless you are a performing clown!
My next uni was a 24in flat top from Sun, which was a great uni, especially if you upgrade the seat and pedals, but again, its not good for anything extreme. My 24 is good for cruising around the neighborhood, and doing mild trail riding (if you put a different tire on of course), but I wouldn’t get too extreme with it. The flat top also lends itself to some flat land tricks if you are wanting to get in to that. One problem is that because of the way the horizontal part of the frame is designed, you are going to end up with some gnarly bruises on the inside of your knees! (compare pictures of a sun flat top to a nimbus II, or a KH)
All in all, if you want something to start with, that will grow with you fairly well for a while, go for the sun. If you plan on getting heavy in to unicycling, you may want to go with something a little nicer.
Lastly, a good reason to start with a sun is to find out what your style of riding is without blowing too much money. You start with a sun, and realize, “I wish the cranks were a little longer”, or “a little shorter”. Or you may find you need a lighter rim or frame. Once you figure all these things out, you can pick a nicer, more expensive uni that will fit your specific needs.