Sun Seatpost Diameter

jst a quick question to anyone that can answer… what is the diameter of a Sun seatpost? I couldnt find it anywhere on the web or in the forums. Thanks to anyone that can answer it for me. O and also… how big of a tire can one put on a Torker LX 24"… this is width im talking about. Thanks.


I believe the Sun uses a 22.2 mm seatpost. I also belive that the Newest Torker frames can take any tire that can fit on that narrow rim.

Ah–my favorite subject! The SUN unicycle!
The excellent engineers over at Sun Unicycle Corporation have wisely chosen the 22.2mm seatpost. I know–I checked it out.
I do hope you are talking about a Sun28er–a fine machine.

Torker–I can talk forever about the marvelous Sun Unicycle and its many outstanding qualities–but all I know of Torker is what I have seen here on these friendly forum pages–that the tire width is limited because of the frame width (like the Sun, actually) BUT, I do recall hearing about the NEW 2005 model Torker DX being able to accommodate much fatter tires than previous models–perhaps the same is true of the LX.