Sun 28" Unicycle

I’m currently riding a 20" unicycle, and mainly just riding- no jumps or anything. I’m looking at getting a larger wheel, and the Sun 28" seems to be an obvious choice. It seems to be available with either a steel or alloy rim- has anyone actually used both to compare? That seems to be a $50 difference in price! I’m not concerned about the weight, so much as just wanting something sturdy enough to ride on. I’d like to be able to ride around White Rock Lake, which is about 10 miles.

Also, I’m finding prices from BikeStop, Sunrise Cyclery, YoYoGuy, Serious Juggling, Bike Parts USA. Any positive/negative experiences with any of these places?

Thanks for any input.

Links are here:
BikeStop- steel rim version- $74 plus shipping

Sunrise Cyclery- alloy rim version, $129.99 including shipping unknown version, $120 plus shipping

Serious Juggling- unknown version, $85 plus shipping

Bike Parts USA- unknown version, $67.48 plus shipping

Now that you know that you enjoy unicycling, it is worth spending a little bit extra. A better wheel will be noticeable. There’s more to it than just weight. I would certainly go for the alloy rim.

My first unicycle (1987) had a steel rim. My Coker (now sold) had one. All my others have had alloy, and I wouldn’t consider having another steel rim.

I am unusual: I ride a 28. My 28 has a 23 mm high pressure slick tyre. However, most people will tell you that a 29 is far better, whatever sort of riding you want to do. If I’m honest, I’d say the same. A 29 is a 28 with a reasonably wide rim and a fatter tyre.

Yeah, what Mikeflue said.

I had a 28 Sun, it is a great beginner ride, I was happy riding around the street. Probably last a year or 2.

With the miles you’ll be putting on, you’ll surely want to buy a KH freeride seat $55, maybe some lighter cranks $25, or some pinned pedals $35.

The crank treads of the axle eventual broke off my Sun 28. I generally over torque the crank nuts to 50ft pounds so I guess that was bound to happen. I think the proper spec is 30ft pounds. I don’t know about steel rim, I liked the alloy rim (happen to be the lowest price 28 I found at the time), held up fine. I bought mine off ebay.

Since then, have moved up to KH 24, and Nimbus 36. My 28, now 29*" sits quietly for when I go vacation flights.

  • actually not my old sun frame, since the sun 28 frame will not allow a wide 29" tire.

All steels are alloys by definition. Not all aluminum is alloyed.

The aluminum rim will be stronger, straighter, and lighter than the steel rim and it won’t rust.

Sun 28" pricing update

Got a used 29" Nimbus from ebay for my daughter who is a sophmore at Barnard/Columbia…Now little sister wants a big wheel unicycle too, so I just ordered a low priced one using google shopping to search out the best price…Total including shipping was just under $100

I have yet to see it the seat and pedals and crank are adequate, or not


I wasn’t aware that the Sun frame doesn’t allow for a standard 29er tire. The wheel size is exactly the same. I know that you aren’t looking to spend more money, but there are a couple of things I would consider about the Sun:
*Clearance for 29er tires
*The welded seatpost clamp, I’d rather have a removable/replaceable clamp.

For $150 you could get a Trainer 29’er from UDC that has clearance, and a standard seatpost clamp. Also, it has the UDC CrMo hub that is very well regarded. To top it off you can get free shipping right now with the promotion code. If I was getting a 29er for cruising around a lake I would seriously consider the Trainer.

I had the sun 28". I rode it for about 4 months. I upgraded the saddle. It held up good riding off of hundreds of 8" curbs. I tacoed the rim doing a small side jump of about 15". The local bike shop did wonders on it and I rode it some more. The rim still had some wobble but it was rideable. Then I hopped in place at a stop sign and the hub axle broke at the crank. I had an odometer on it, it lasted about 450 miles. After that I bought a KH 29".
I think you are going to start out just riding around the place, but eventually you will get better and try new things and I think the sun just can’t handle any real punishment. I can’t remember whether mine was alloy or steel but I did pay about $150 mail ordered.

29er from UDC vs sun

Good find… Either a new item or I overlooked… Besides the seat clamp, design appears similar… Not sure either would allow enough space for a larger tire

Update on Sun 28 after a couple weeks of use

My daughter has ridden the Sun 28" perhaps a dozen times, to date…

The good news is the price…Big Wheel for smaller dollars…

Seat less comfortable than Nimbus or Kris Holm
No handle on seat
No Brake bosses to add brakes for downhills… This baby is hard to slow on an incline without brakes

My older daughter with the Nimbus 29er reports this is definitely some notches down in terms of form and function

The seat is a definite problem from the ones I’ve seen. A long reach BMX caliper brake is very easy to install on the Sun, and much cheaper than a Maggie. I rode my Nimbus 29er with a BMX brake and never had a problem with it. I also used one on my original Coker frame before I got a Nightrider.