Sun 28" hub problem!

I’m giving my Sun 28" to a friend who wants to use it as a distance uni, and since I don’t use it at all I thought why not give it to him. But as I soon tried to test ride it, I immediately noticed that the hub seems to be way loose and “slips” whenever i either slow down or put any kind of torque into the cranks.

I can just feel it totally slipping 'round! Is there any way to fix this by somehow tightening the axle/hub? What about pounding the axle out (or is there a “keyway” that is supposed to lock it in?) and reinstall it wil locktite? I know this isn’t the greatest quality uni, but it’s virtually brand new and hasn’t really had any use. Thanks to anyone who can help.:slight_smile:

Eastern pedals!!! How do you like them?

:thinking: In any case, the hub is toast. Not worth replacing it would cost almost as much a buying a complete new 28! Thery’re cheap.

Pretty much the same size as a 29er. Wont last a lifetime but the price is right.

Take some pictures of the hub…

I bet you can just weld it so it doesn’t slip.

Huh? What do you mean “loose”? Is the axle spinning inside the hub? How can that be? I’m not familiar with the internal design of these hubs, but perhaps you could tack weld it (it is certainly cheapo enough steel for welding).

Did you do alot of hops or drops with it? Actually now that I think about it, hops/drops shouldn’t bother the axle-to-hub relationship, as you’ve got weight on both forward and back pedals.

Perhaps it is simply a defective hub. I agree that it isn’t worth replacing, as new Suns are really cheap ($100 USD is what I paid), but a quick weld might be worth a shot.

I’ve got a Sun 28" and it’s been there and back again with nary a hub problem. The square taper cranks are garbage, and I no longer use my Crazy Cranks (do a forum search), and the square taper axle ends (the threads, actually) have seen better days, but everything else is solid.

Well the seatpost/frame connection is also garbage, but that’s OK too.

This summer I was going to get a Coker (or similar big wheel), but it’s September already and I haven’t been riding my Uni very much. I got bit by this bug big time:
I’d like to see some you hardcore Muni guys try those trails! I bet you could do it, it’s like 1.5 miles down some steep rocky switchbacks. Maybe.

Hey MuniAddict, that channeladvisor price of $65 is a great deal.

I think yes, the hub was defective from the start. I never did any kind of drop/hop with it at all and it was the very first uni I bought when I re-started riding about 1.5 years back. It’s too late however, as I stripped the axle threads trying something stupid. No biggie as a brand new Sun 28 can be had for as little as $64 online. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Where did you get the uni at? You should bring it back and talk to them about it. At one point in time there was a product recall on the Sun hubs… but it should have happened before the uni ever got to you. Sun took them all back and replaced/repaired all of them.

Yes, it is possible to get in there and re-weld the spots that have broken free.

On the other hand, I have one that is broken like this and it’s great fun. Nothing like making an accomplished unicyclist fall flat when they try to mount.

Haha yeah it almost felt like a “free wheel” when i tried to stop or put and extra down force on the pedals! No luck in returning it as I’ve had it so long.

Plus, the thread got distorted somehow while using my pitman puller to remove the bearings; it has a point on it which caused a deep impression on the end of the axle causing it to “bulge” out somewhat so now the axle bolt won’t fit any more! Oh well.

I will say I’ve never encountered bearings that were so difficult to remove; they were incredibly tight and took every ounce of strength I had to get them off! :astonished:

You need pounds of strength, not ounces… :roll_eyes: No wonder it was hard, using ounces to get them off.

this happened to my sun 24" THREE TIMES. i would just take it to my LBS and they would send it off to for fixing, free of charge.

How long have you had it?

Or, how long had you had it the third time it needed fixing?

Because as Terry said, he’s had it for 1.5 years, and doesnt think he can get it replaced at least not for free

maybe depending on where you take it they might at least send it in or try to help fix it…the guys at least at MY LBS are really nice, and usually try to help

i had it for about a year, but the hub failed all 3 times in like 2 months

Did it come with any sort of warranty information?

do you have any idea of how long they’ll help for?

idk how long they’ll help but i jsut took it in to my LBS and said that it was slipping and they sent it to be welded into place. I could point out where are of the hub that slips. after it broke the 2nd time they just gave me a new hub

So do you think its worth trying to take it into a LBS and see if they’ll fix it?

or not since it was purchased online?

go for it.

if not its not like its a KH29 or anything, so your not losing that much if its a no go

this happened to my friend’s uni, he got it welded up and it works fine

So (kinda as a poll type of thing)

Who thinks it would be best to just try and take it to a LBS?

just wanna make sure I tell Terry what everyone thinks is best