sun 18"

there she blows

this was my first uni.i love it so much,verry verry verry sturdy.i weigh about 112 ibs. and i can take it off atleast 2-3 foot drops.I’ve had for 3 years and just recently bought new pedals and a longer seatpost.

great for freestyle

200mm seatpost and a pretty dang comfy saddle

( mine was yellow)

i highly recomend it for a new rider

apperantly peaple look at this and go but…really it’s a great first uni…

my lil bro had the 16"…im suprised he never broke it, but then again he only weighed 80lbs…

i take that bak…he had an 18"…i just asked him…

:smiley: That’s pretty good though that he never broke it. I’ve never seen a sun unicycle b4 so i wouldn’t know what they’re like. :smiley:

how old is he?

Im 13 and weigh 80…

Really? I’m 13, but I weight over 130 lbs and I’m pretty skinny maybe even a bit underweight. :astonished:

That uni looks about as good as my Dodger and it’s just about half of my dodger’s price, nice.

he was 13 at the time and now he is 14…
i know he had done at least a 3’ drop on it too…

I had the Sun 20", and it was great. I still ride it now when my trials is broke.

I think a lot of people have a bad name set out for Sun unis, and most of those people have never touched one in their lives. The true reality of it though Torker = Sun.

I think Sun even has a little more varity when it comes to their basic unis. You can get a basic Sun for easily 50$, then they have one that is pretty much identical to the Torker, but with a better seat for the same price as a Torker.

Sun also makes a really fat uni. The tire is about 4 or 5 inches wide. It’s a really fun, smooth ride. :stuck_out_tongue:

dude your like tiny… I weighed more than 80 in the 3rd grade lol…

Which are better, 18 inchers, 19 or 20?

hate to be a borther but there really the same…can’t tell much of a diference…ya but i’m gone off 10in.-2 foot drops and i weigh like…120ibs…and i’m also 13

Hmm, this illustrates the problem with bike wheel sizing. A ‘19’ is usually referring to a mod trials rim, which is slightly smaller than a 20" rim in order to fit fatter tyres in the same sized frame (from when people started modding BMXs to do trials on them). So they’re really not the same, because of the rim and tyre options available. Better depends on what you want to do with them, what do you want to do with them?