Someone needs to fall of their summit and break their leg and sell their summit to me for $250.

GP, I have had a great time on mine today. I just got it yesterday. One of the cranks was loose, so I had to be disciplined and not ride it yesterday.

Early this morning, I Anti-seized both cranks and all the “slop” went away.

I rode it in tons of mud today then cleaned it off at the car wash. (Yes John, I made sure not to aim the spray directly at the bearings :)) Then I rode it around town, hopped up on some sidewalks and then rode a 2" concrete tire bar for 6’, then hopped off the end of it.

Next, I tried to hop back up onto the concrete bar and slipped off it at 45 degree angle. Sorry I didn’t break my leg, but there is always tomorrow.

I love my new “Little Unicycle.” BTW, I payed less than $250 for mine, 100% new. :smiley: --chirokid–

I got mine for $202.50 on ebay. :slight_smile:

Chirokid where did you get your summit? I WANT ONE SO BADDD

Thanks for rubbing it in Rayden. I got mine for less than $250, but not $47.50 less than $250.

Someone got one for $191.00 off e-bay. That would have been too sweet. Then I wouldn’t even had to tell my wife I made a purchase :D. --chirokid–

hey i have a summit for sale for 240 obo good shape

zack i want it so bad. i wont be able to buy it until like april 3, if i do!

it is not goin any were, are u going to moab if so i will bring it.

nope. no moab for me, im pretty new to unicycling. do you have any pics of it?

what is your AIM or MSN screen name so we can chat more directly?

hey man, just call me. 916 705-9931

well im not that close right now to jumping on it, but it sure looks like i will. im going to have to come up with some money first. email me at

g2g to bed, ill talk to you tomorrow

I got one off for $150 (used with viscount seat)

Well I have a Summit with Awesome pedals and I have a broken leg so I haven’t been able to do trials but I am starting to be able to now and unfortunately for you I am not selling it Teehee!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Eublapharis13,

I’m glad to see you posting again!

How’s your leg?

You’re a star in the new MUC video! You should have come to the world premier last night. It was great!