Summit VS KH (20')

I bought the Summit 20’ trials unicycle recently and am just wondering if i should have gone the extra $150 and gotten the KH, is it that much better? What are the differences? Should i have gone for the KH?

i believe the only difference is the frame and the spoke colour. i could be wrong. i have a summit and its holding up to shome tough stuff, so i think a summit is the better choice for trials/street.


I used to ride alongside my friend Kris Hellen who rode a Summit and I rode my KH20. The only difference we ever noticed was when we were lifting both unicycles over a fence to get into a school and we then realized the KH20 was considerably lighter.

The Summit is a sweet deal if you can’t afford the KH, but I’m insane. I sacrifice money for KH products just because.

The only functional difference is the weight. The KH is about a pound lighter. IMHO, the Summit is the way to go. BTW, has anyone else noticed that has had two Summits left for a very long time? Strange that the first 50 went in two weeks and the last two won’t go at all. I wonder how many last two they had.


Funny you mention that, because I bought mine when there were only “2” left. Good marketing if you ask me. It got me to do what I wanted to anyway. I just needed that last little bit of urgency to push me over the top. Of course they may have gotten tired up updating the # left everyday.

The guy I lease my building from had perpetual going out of business sales(Golf Shop). Did pretty well that way, till one day I asked him what the closing date was. He told me, and I said I want to lease the building on that day. Now he is going out of business up the street for the past 11 years!:smiley: (Don’t ask me what one has to do with the other, just reminded me of that story so I thought I would share)

Ah yes, I myself also bought mine when there were only 2 left! Very good tactics indeed. Actually when i noticed the two hadnt changed after i bought mine i was worried i didnt get it.

Me three; I also got one of the last two. Curious they were able to ship each of the three of us, one of the two remaining Summits. By my math, there are now a maximum of “-1” Summits left (the website,, still says there are “only 2 still available!”). I guess the marketting folks at never learned to count past two (surely they aren’t just being dishonest).

Mind you, I don’t regret the purchase; but if they lower the price again, we should all insist on a refund of the difference.

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>I used to ride alongside my friend Kris Hellen who rode a Summit

Strange. One would think that Kris H would ride a uni designed by Kris
H. :slight_smile:

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I’m shamed to admit that I also got one of the remaining two.

I got the KH20, because it sounded better on the internet. The only difference, though, was the weight, so I think I should’ve gone with the summit. Oh well.

We should all email them and say we know of at keast 5 people who bought the remaining 2 summit trials unis and then say if they lower their prices we will be quite perturbed.

Edit: That number should be 4 people not 5…but im sure theres someone else so hey.

I was talking to J. Drummond recently and they had just gotten a huge shipping container from overseas. The place was so full of stuff that they could hardly find anything.
He mentioned that they had found some Summits on a shelf. This was after the “countdown” had gotten to the low point you all refer to.
I really don’t think it was anything more than that. But at that point, what can you do?

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I’m going to send mine back and tell them I don’t want them to reship and rebill it until it is one of the remaining two. I was under the impression I was buying one of the remaining two, and thus I should recieve that very thing.

If you really do that, i will change my meaning of life to worshipping you, that would be the best statement making/funniest/attitude giving thing you could do and i my friend highly suggest it…although then youll be without it for a while which depending on your personal stock o’ unis may suck.

I have bought the Kris Holm 20 inch Trial and I don’t want to waight for the last one.