summit for sale

Hey yal Im trying to sell my summit for $250 obo. It’s in great condition. It as haro cranks, miyata seat, new luna tire (little wear) new primo pedal’s and I work at a body shop and can paint the frame any color you want.


Got a picture?
And is that American$? If so any idea how much it would be New Zealand$
And how much would shipping be (to NZ)

munimanpete check your pm’s

Thanks for that Tim.

I’d love to see a pic of a uni with the Haro cranks if you have one Zack!

Iwill take pic’s when I get home, Im sanding the frame right now.

yes that is US dallor

Here are the pics, haro 140’s

It didn’t work I’ll try it again.

here they are

This thread is worthless w/o pictures.:smiley:

zack, check your private messages.

Look guys, Zack couldn’t get the “attach file” to work. So I took some pictures tonight with my crappy built in digital camera on my video camera. I think you can still see it decently though.

He told me to tell yall that he’s going to put a KH saddle on it. So you don’t get the miyata you see in the picture. Also, he will paint the frame any color you want.

Your welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:







Last one…

WEasel, and anyone else interested:

Zack does not check email or PMs

If you would like to talk to him about the unicycle, ask questions, check on shipping, or anything else, you will need to call him. This may sound scary, but trust me, he won’t bite. Just pick up the ol receiver and dial 1-916-705-9931.
You can probably ask questions just by posting, but if you get really interested or don’t feel like waiting for a reply, then call him.

Good luck,



Why is it silver? Summits come orange. At least mine, and all the other one’s i’ve seen.

Its been sanded down, ready to paint any colour.

wow thats a cool uni.

Sorry to Jack the thread, but I figured since Jester was looking at this thread I could ask. How are your structures coming? Do you have any more pics or videos?