summertime [short]

i rpoudly present: summertime.

Love the videos man! You did some pretty friggin crazy stuff to! :astonished:

Awesome as usual!

Loved the footage of you smashing it down the single track in high gear! The whole video was great fun too. Maybe not a video of your best riding- but i think it was the best video you have made yet. The extra effort in making the footage fit the song really paid off.

Looking forward to riding with you in Switzerland for the Grischa Muni challenge!


Turtle, gettin’ it at out once again, fun video, my wife liked it too.

Turle, you make people smile :slight_smile:

awesome! loved it. high gear looks soo freaking good…want want want. how much did you pay for the setup? and is it only KH-hubs? or do other people do them?

fantastic video

thank you for the comments! i’m glad the extra effort paid off :slight_smile:

@doamono: there are only the kh/schlumpf hubs so far to buy. how much this setup cost me i can’t tell (secret :wink: ) … but if you would buy it, it’s like this:

Hub: 1420 euro
frame: 490 euro

plus: rim, spokes, cranks, pedals, kh touring handle (with some modifications)seatpost and seat (i’ve got a fibrglass base…), mountainuni brake system, avid brake…

i guess it would be more then 2800 usd all together…

Turtle this is a strange request but what are the name of the tan plaid shorts you are wearing in the downhill front shots?


O-Yeah killer riding too!!! LOL

The steep inclines are the bomb!

thanks! the shorts are from “platzangst”, i love them!

Very fun vid! What happened on the high-speed UPD? Was that an accidental shift? (must only be in the long version)

thanks! the high speed UPD is on another vid… i had a very loose crank and didn’t check it… stupid myself…