Summer Holidays!

Two days MUni’ing, two days of Trials and 29’er day trip… all in one week… aren’t summer holidays great!!!:smiley:


They sure are!

  • Sofa (who’s been off since late April)

Im looking forward to mine too…

I get 6 weeks off, starting in 2 weeks… but im off to London tomorrow with the school… Yey.

I cant wait for the holidays either! Im going to practice my skills, maybe get a new frame for standupww…
Loads of Trials, some Muni, and going unicycling in Holland. We’re staying on a Centreparcs resort, and its all geared up for cycling… Nice cycle tracks too… :smiley:

Sofa, I hope your making the most of you time off! :stuck_out_tongue: