Suicide Mount Question??? Jump foot

This question is for Andrew_Carter, but anyone else can answer also.

When you do a running Sucide mount, I can see you have your right pedal back. Which foot do you push off the ground with? In other words, which foot is the last foot on the ground as you leap through the air?

I tried this for 10 or 15 minutes today. Right pedal back, just like you. I used a little triangle of wood for my wheel/frame block. My plant/jump foot was my left foot, but it just felt weird in the air. I never landed the mount, really 13 minutes was spent trying to get up the nerve to jump. The two times I really jumped, I chickened out in mid-flight. OUCH!!! Help me with form. BTW, I was only jumping from 1 or 2 feet behind the uni. --chirokid–

Are you trying to run, or just jumping w/o your hand on the seat? When I do the suicide mount, I just jump w/o trying to lead with either foot. I personally have the left pedal back, probably because that is the way I freemount. I can’t answer for running though, hadn’t thought to try that yet. Still thinking of having another kid.:smiley:

Check out Andrew’s running, jumping, flying through the air pictures. That is what make me think to try it.

BTW, I am an “it”, I will have no more children. :smiley: --chirokid–

Bet your wife had a party the day you did that.:smiley:

I have seen Andrew do it, it just hadn’t occured to me to try it myself. I can suicide mount that would be w/o any blocks or rocks, but I am not running the 50 yard dash and doing a long jump before I get there either. Just seems like a master plan for disaster to me. :astonished:

Although it would probably make more sense to jump with your right foot when the left pedal is forward, I prefer to jump with my left foot. This is just the way I’ve always jumped. I suggest you go and do a long jump (without the uni) and see which foot your jump with and then do the same with the unicycle sitting in front of you.

By the way, the only unicycling injuries I have ever had have been pedals scraping calves and things like that. I have never lessened my chances of having children and I don’t plan to. :slight_smile: I’m quite confident that I’ll always land with at least one foot on one of the pedals and that I will put enough weight on that foot so that the uni swings away and I just hurt myself some other way.

Good luck with your flying suicide mounts! If you’ve got a camera, I’d love to see some photos. Otherwise, please just tell us all how you do.

When I was attempting my longest distance I did a lot of chickening out. The raw video footage is funny…you see me running up and over the sandwich board without even trying to jump. And there’s one where I jump and change my mind at the last minute and end up doing a very awkward, short jump. With that longest attempt, I actually overshot the mark several times. :slight_smile: Maybe I can go longer.



Last I heard you weren’t even doing a standing suicide mount. Have you learned the standing (non-running) suicide yet? I am getting comfortable with the standing suicide, but haven’t tried the running yet. To me that’s a whole new level of “mental” to overcome.

By the way, my last post about my suicide mount successes was doing the mount on a gymnastics mat and with full leg armor. I have now graduated to doing it on a hard floor with no armor. Haven’t missed it yet on the hard floor.

Now… should I try the flying suicide? Hmmm.

When we meet in Kentucky, maybe you can teach me your 1 footed back slam that you use in your parade routine. :smiley:


I was trying to run. But just from a few feet behing the uni. To me it seemed like it would be easier than just jumping.

Without blocks or a tiny rock wedge, how do you keep the uni from falling? Or, is it a combination of you letting go of the seat at the instant that you jump? Also, do you have the uni sitting straight up, or tilted backward toward you?

I will keep you informed on my progress. No digital camera for me.

I am very glad to hear you chicken out too. Your pics make it look as though you do it perfectly every time. :smiley:

Nope, neither for me yet. See above for reason.

Running really did seem easier to try, instead of just jumping.

I’d be happy to teach you, in fact, expect the lesson when you least expect it. :smiley: --chirokid–

Yipppeeee!!! I just completed my first Suicide Mount!

I did the mount on my concrete back porch, no armor, just me and my uni. After successfully landing on my first attempt of this session, I never landed another one. I still have a problem in my MIND!!! Fear does control me. Maybe I’ll land another on my next practice time. --chirokid–


Congrats on your first suicide mount. Was it running or standing still? Stick with it and keep doing a couple each time you ride. Each successful one gives you another shot of confidence.

Remember… The flesh is willing, but the mind is weak! :smiley:
Strengthen that mind!


Congrats on your first successful suicide. Are you doing this on your 24"?

If so you might want to wait for the 20" It is a lot easier. Also another tip, make sure the seat is a little lower than normal. I just let go after trying to get it to balance as much as possible. When I let go I pause then jump making sure the seat will be between my legs and feet are on the pedals. Don’t overthink it, it comes more naturally than you would expect. Also a level surface seems to ensure that it happens the way it should.

It was stand still.

Thanks for the encouragement guys. --chirokid–

Yes, all on my KHfrankYuniMuni24". I an so excited to get my new Summit! --chirokid–

Great! :slight_smile:


See, I told you so. :slight_smile: Check out the last video in the bunch.



LOL…Now that’s some real life video! I really enjoyed the high jumping, knees up in the air, never got to the uni attempt. Thanks for showing us what it takes to learn a superman suicide mount.