Suicide Mount Not So Bad

Today I decided to learn the Jump Mount. I stuck it on my first try and then I decided to try the Suicide Mount. Managed to get it on the third try. I am currently working on level 3 skills so I think that that the Suicide Mount is not that tough, just ballsy.


  • Sal

I was fortunate enough to nail the suicide mount on my first attempt with no ballsy problems.

The suicide mount isn’t tough, only frightening.
I needed some tries before I learned it, but there where still no serious pain involved.

on the few times that i actually screwed up the suicide mount (it’s that easy) all that goes wrong is the uni shoots out from the weight of your body. No biggie at all.

However, I know as your looking at your uni, trying to unbend those legs into a jump, you don’t care about my words!

My friend learned the jump mount because the regular mount wasn’t as accurate!

Both are relatively easy compared to other simple mounts like the reverse or side mounts. The jump and suicide mounts are more about overcoming fear than anything else.