Suggestions for equipment upgrade...

So here is the deal. I ride street and trials. Hops are around 32" and higher, don’t do many big drops, I can jump and grind 7 stairs and I’m going bigger soon. I am currently riding a 19" KH/Onza wheelset with 127mm cranks in a Bedford freestyle frame - seatpost size 22.2mm. I am currently riding a KH seat which I took from my brother to replace my seat (LX air) I had before bending that post. In the past 6 months I have bent 3 stock posts on the KH and a GB4 universal on the LX. IThis really blows and kills my riding for a couple of weeks each time. I’m looking to upgrade to stop bending posts. I’m thinking of getting a KH frame with either a thomson post or a stock post and a KH gel seat. Is this gonna be better then what I got? If not what do you suggest? Is this normal? Is it something I just got to deal with? Is equipment not yet that advanced (I know there is nothing out there that is perfect but I wanna be close)? If you say I need to work on technique well I need a seatpost to do that on anyway.


you’ll never ever bend a thomson :smiley:

yup it’s fairly normal to bend those seatposts

Thompson will be the best way to go, there is another seat post that is way cheaper, but extremly heavy, so I would go with the thompson.