Suggestion to improve forum

Recently, there have been a few threads (not just spam) where the thread titles have been ridiculously long. On my computer, this results in the whole forum panel widening as much as is necessary to fit the title in. That means having to scroll horizontally to read the thread list and posts.

There’s nothing we can do to stop stupidity, but this particular manifestation of it could be thwarted by imposing a limit on the number of characters in the Subject line. I imagine this would be fairly easy to do. Can Gilby or someone else do this?

Just a thought.

Or should I buy a wider screen.:wink:

Mine does exactly the same thing. I don’t believe u need a new screen. LOL.

Re: Suggestion to improve forum

I’d like about 24 inches wide.:smiley: :astonished:

On my screen the subject line will wrap to two lines if it is too long. Mine looks like this:

same here

me too

Help me out here. Does this mean that if the long line wraps, I’m definitely going to heaven? Or is it the other way?

(Wraps for me.)

There were some yesterday that went wide on the screen.

They are now in Trash Receptacle where it is doing the same thing.

RSU is working correctly for me right not too.


Sorry, but you can’t wrap your way into heaven.

Ya know, there is a forum for this kind of request…

You probably can’t limit the subject size to what you want because all usenets are the same standard and those messages weren’t posted through

I suppose could cut it short when it was showing it and add “…” to the end.

That subject line only wraps because it is more than one word. The ones the other day were one word, or rather, several words joined by underscores, which act as one word. The forum won’t break a word apart, so it shows it in one line. Look in the trash forum now…

Nutha suggestion to improve forum

Here’s another suggestion:

Provide a “GoToPage x” option.

Sometimes I get part way through a long thread without finishing (e.g., the funny pictures thread). When I come back, I have to scroll a couple of pages at a time to my previous location.

It would be great if I could GoToPage 12 without loading all of the intervening pages.

You can if you toy with the address.