Submit Unicycling Stories to

I’ve been subscribed to HappyNews for a couple of weeks now and it does make for a nice change from a lot of the doom and gloom i normally find in my inbox.

I noticed today that they have a page where you can submit stories of your own for inclusion in upcoming editions.

I think stories like ‘Unicyclist Raises Money for Charity’ or 'Unicyclist Completes…(insert 'Land’s End to John ‘o Groats’/24hr Endurance Race/New World Record) would fit their format very nicely.

We have some people on these fora who can turn a phrase as well as they can turn a single wheel.
If you’d like to submit a story and get some additional publicity for unicycling, go here.
And you might as well subscribe while you’re there.

I had a problem with one of their stories (This one, for the record), so I emailed the editor, and received a satisfactory answer within an hour.

Ten points for responsivenes.

i have to say that i can’t quite figure how that constitutes good news myself
but i guess usage must vary according to personal preferences

The good news is, acording to the editor, that young scandinavians are getting better at english than previous generations.
As to what “Copenhagen Post” is, she couldn’t tell me, but refered to their source at United Press International.

Call me cynical but i see the thin end of a wedge, the erosion of an ancient culture and language and the MTV-ification of Scandinavia.

MacDonaldSon just doesn’t sound right.

(Now you’ll also know why, with as sunny a disposition as mine, i need some ‘happy news’ in my life so badly.)

What a crappy story! A long way from anything worth calling an article or even journalism. Seems to me they needed a page with a text about Denmark so they could place some related Google ads there.