Stupid bail video


here is what can happen when you hesitate just before jumping to grind a big ledge Yes, its the same ledge that you probably saw in the collaberation video.

And we are lucky to have some weird noises by Owen Kirby !!!

thank you

It looked like it hurt a lot more in slow motion.

funny though :roll_eyes: :smiley:

I allmost pukes Oh good did it make contact with any thing other that your leg que card that says no

The funny noises by owen were a nice touch.
That did look like it hurt a lot more in slow motion.

thats wrong! lol yeh ouch


yea, I was lucky that it didnt hurt my penis ( is it too direct ) but it went close, too close

oooh, that does look like it hurt. I’m glad it didn’t hurt the family jewels though.

…straight to the babymaker…



Sixsixone needs to make a specialized groin protector.

haha nice 1. Check out this hesitation bail from me, with taunts from unicyclistjoe.

ahahahaha good one pete !