"Students travel to campus in style"

I was interviewed for an article in my campus newspaper.
One typo, I am an Earth Science major not ‘ecology and environmental sciences’

Here is a picture of me riding down the Fogler Library stairs.

Definitely in style…that is a nice geared 29er. What tire is that and do you primarily use 150s?

I always use 150 becasue I like the extra control for muni, drops, hops, stairs ext. and when I want to go fast i just have to kick my heel :slight_smile: Right now i have a WTB ExiWolf on it that I got for free (used) from the LBS. Its a lot better on the road than the Kenda I was using but the sidewalls are thinner.

Yeah, I had a nanoraptor on my old 29er, and it sucked offroad! The sidewalls were way too thin and it felt very odd on anything that wasn’t smooth. I am looking for a good compromise between the Navegal and the big apple (if I ever switch my hub back to a 29er).

try a vulpine : )

I haven’t used one, but it has a smoother surface in the middle designed for hard-pack, and a grippy edge.

That is very cool. What do you plan to do with your Earth Science degree? I teach Earth science (sixth-grade).

“his Kris Holm Moment unicycle”
Haha. Easy mistake I guess.

Nice Article!