Stripping a nimbus?

I have seen alot of stripped KH frames and was wondering if it was plausible to strip my nimbus trials. I know kh are aluminum and don’t rust, what is the nimbus made of, and is there something I could seal it with so it wouldn’t rust? Thanks for any help.

If I’m not mistaken, the nimbus frames are indeed steel. You probably can strip the chromed finish, but the bare steel look won’t be like the shiny aluminium of KH uni’s, but it will probably be quite dull and grey.

The steel will rust because it is steel, so you could either powder coat it, paint it, plate it or galvanise it, but since you just stripped the frame the only option really is to galvanise it - the other options would just defeat the object in the first place! And galvanising would give you a nice shiny finish. It will cost a bit though. Hope this helps.

You could strip it down, wire brush it to produce a shine then clearcoat it if you want a natural metal look finish.

+1, I’ve seen this done on some old road bikes, and it looks great : )

oh oh!! I KNOW! copper plate it! xD

I stripped my koxx frame which is pretty much the same as the nimbus. It looked cool to start with, but the clear coat rubbed off pretty quickly, it rained, and rusted. Now it just sits on the desk

copper coating it sounds pretty cool though!

Cool, thanks for the advice.