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WOOT WOOT! :smiley:
Yesterday on Saturday was the best on my attempt at MUni! I live in OC California near the mountains which has some awesome trails. I’ve been tentative and bit scared of MUni cause my beginning Level 2 skills and also I don’t ride a 20’ or 24’ uni but a Coker. But following some MTB people I met at, through a relatively easy trail boosted my confident TREMDOUSLY. Now I look forward to tagging along w/ other MTB people on trails, even if I have to walk through difficult parts. It was some adrenaline-rushing ride through some crooked trail up and down a narrow path and even some 30 degrees slope down a hill. The funny thing was because I was a novalty to MTB people they all guide me ahead on the trail so I don’t UPD. I felt like Lance surrounded by my own version of team Discovery. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I did notice the most difficult part of MUni is not the steep hills but the sandy part of the trails(like beach sand), where I keep falling off my uni. Do you MUni people have any advice on riding through sand?

All those skills I’ve been practicing(idle, mounts, standstill, backward riding) really helped. Lastly I don’t fall back too much when the bikers speed away on flat part of trails thanks to Coker’s speed; so don’t ask me to go smaller with 20’ or 24’ :smiley:

Someone here encouraged me to ride through it to get the ‘feel’ of MUni. That was some great advise. I am now a converted believer of MUni! More MUni to come!

sand: don’t try to go too fast, don’t use too much pressure, never slow down. try not to turn.

yeah with sand, slow and steady. just stay centered and don’t stop pedaling.

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On Sun, 16 Oct 2005 21:24:22 -0500, leadpan wrote:

>Do you MUni people have any advice on riding through sand?

Yeah what they said: don’t turn. What I do is stretch both my arms out
to keep better balance, as if I’m riding a skinny but a little faster.
The tyre will dig in with every little turn or other manoeuvre (like
accel and decel).

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Think floaty thoughts.


Fat tyre. here’s where a Gazz does help because of its square profile.

Don’t try to go fast. Try to keep the uni as near to vertical as possible. Proceed with steady pedal strokes, stand on the pedals, with your hand lightly on the handle for maximum feedback of what the uni is doing. Compacted dark sand is easiest; dry pale sand is trickiest. No sharp turns.

Don’t look down.

Shifting sand is one of the trickiest surfaces.