street vid

Hi a street video i have been working on over winter, let me know what you think.

I liked that.

Smallspin off the ledge was the taco’s cheese man.

Very nice.

Sick video. The first 3spin looked crazy.:stuck_out_tongue:

Very Nice, I would love it to be longer though.

The ramp slides were cool

Was that a 180 rev over the stair???
Looked so cool!

Thanks for all the comments, will be starating work on a new vid soon as it stops
raining:( so will try make that one longer with some full lines, wanted to keep the tempo up with short quick cuts which made it a short vid. Cheers anyway for feedback

nice :roll_eyes:

cool, I liked it.

nice lines but too short:D

awesome man!

like the rest said, too short. ha


nice vid:D

Good Vid!

I hope one day to be able to do that. Winter is still here though :frowning: 1 month untill spring!

What would people say was a good length for a film, cause i normally get bored after like 5 - 6 mins of the same person (obviously there are exceptions). But i admit 40 seconds is pritty stupid to!

Is it hard to learn to ride down ramps? I do that on my rollerskates. I think it would be harder on a uni, cool though!

um not really

cheers for all comments, just make me wana ride more