Street vid with a new high speed camera

Hey this is a video a freind made of us at the Nyc unatics club. Its mostly street unicycling but theres some flipping in it. Comment or Critique:)

O yea that was my first 5spin ever. So happy I got it on tape.

God dam I love that camera.

Still watching… comment later… lol

Edit: Nice job on the 540 and the hick. The parkour mix was awesome.
Thats wills camera right? I saw it in one of his other vids. Really nice camera, how much did it cost?

wow nice job! for only 14 that’s really good!! some of the tricks were repetitive though (like a ton of different 3spin clips aren’t necessary). But Awesome vid, I subscribed!

Nice vid.

Yea thats wills camera. I dont know how much it cost tho. We were messing with it so much. Everything looks cool in slomo.

What I could do with that film and applying twixtor…

What is twixtor?

A little bit of repeatedness but other than that it was very nice. The slow mo, freerunning, and music fit in nicely :slight_smile:

someone tell me what twixtor does?

Its a plug-in for certain editing systems that some people use for time remapping and fancy frame blending. It allows you to make smooth slow motion and with high speed footage you could get some super slow motion shots.

How the hell do you 5spin that way? Your hands are way far from the middle of the seat! I find it so much easier to 3spin+ with the hands really close to the middle of the seat.

Nice video. Nice Parkour. But way to repetitive riding.

nice! very good vid and that cam was good! :slight_smile:

If its the Casio EX-F1 then that camera can go even slower but the quality starts to degrade a bit.

Cool video.

Sweet vid ;), one of the best i’ve seen lately :)!

That flip at 0:57 was sweet.

Thanks everyone for all the comments. Pele I do all my unispins that way. It feels weird for me to hold the middle of the seat. Is the way I do it really that uncommon?

a lot of people learn 1spins that way but change to the middle grip for 3spins and on.

Yeah I used to do 360 unispins like that…not anymore…

Cool video though. Good job on the 540! I wish I could…any tips?


Im sorry to say this but the only tips I would give is jump higher and spin faster. If you posted a vid of you doing them it’d be easier to tell you.