street uni and muni uni questions


I have a 20" trial something unicycle and would like to be getting a muni with tires that work for both mountain and street riding. I asumed that the unicycle i already have is 24", but when i read “20inches x 1.95inches” I was very suprised.

I thought the 20" was very slow and you couldn’t get lots of speed with it, but now that i know that i already have a 20", i don’t understand that anymore. I can get to pretty fast speeds with that little uni! So I was wondering whether for my “pleasure riding uni (i don’t think i’ll do tricks with that one :-)), It would be nice to have a muni for both dirt and street riding, one that can go with a nice little speed so i can keep the same speed as my bicycling friends or whatever, just faster than on a 20”

Now I know that 24" is not as good as 26", but i would want a wheel thats good for bumps and tree roots, as well as nice smooth road, and faster than 20". what kind of wheel should i get? fat or skinny? (i might even do a little trial riding too, if you know what i mean :-D). Also, is there any muni in particular i should get? what about crank length?

Well now that i have that question asked, i would also like to get a street uni (and what i learned is that thats a trial + freestyle unicycle)

I would like it to be 20", crank size good for tricks, and just a uni i can do tricks with, grind, hop, etc. should i get a fat or skinny tire? does it matter? I might also do trial tricks with this uni too :-). I think i should get the KH20 uni (for 400$ or whatever), but thats a little expensive. is it worth it? or should i get something similar for cheeper? if so, what in particular?

Oh, and one more detail, i would like both to have handles (or something) on the seats, and flat crowns.

Well thanks for the help, unicyclists :smiley:


24’’ will be faster but it still won’t keep up with bikers, and for for street, most trials unicycles like the KH will do fine. hope that answers some questions?

It sounds like by “street riding” you mean riding on a paved road, rather than doing “street” style tricks. If you’re not doing tricks and doing a lot more rolling than hopping offroad, then a 29" wheel is great. Depending on how steep the uphills are, a 36" wheel may be even better. Bigger wheels handle bumps better, and they’re generally faster.


the muni is what i’d like for pleasure riding, not the trial one. Im hoping the muni could be 24", but i don’t know how fat the wheel should be, what kind, and so on. I would like that for street riding, mountain riding, and maybe if im really up to it, ill try to do freestyle and street tricks :slight_smile:

so how thick should that one be?



i recommend a 2.5" wide tyre. it is pretty multi purpose. great for Muni and trials. plus its good for street and alright for freestyle. i ride pretty much everything and thats what i use.

i’ve got a 24" Muni with a 2.7" tyre, it’s great, for muni go for fatter

I have a 24" muni with a 3" tire and it’s the best but it depends on what you want to do. if you think you would do more xc and don’t want the extra wheight go with the thin tire but if you do drops, steep hills, rough terrain, logs etc. go with the fat tire. I can keep up with bikes if there not going to fast but it takes some effort. I’d get a 26", there just as good as 24"'s but they go faster. for extra speed go with short cranks unless you are planning to go up steep hills. Hope this helps.

if you are street/trials riding. go with a thick wall on the tyre. that way you can get really low air pressure in the tyre without it screwing over. plus its really good for the ‘bounce’ effect.