[street] "Truquelos"

Hi, I’m a Spanish unicyclist and I want to show my vid:


I hope you enjoy it!
Thanks for watching!

that was good i liked the editing and the music went well.
There was also a good flow from trick to trick :smiley:

i really enjoyed watching that! it was really good. the editing and mausic combined with the riding style worked perfectly. congratz to you for making a good, fun to watch vid!:)!

Nice. Wasn’t the music the inspector gadget theme song? Or just really similar?

I really liked this, nice riding and good editing/filming. Nice song too, eh?


that last trick I haven’t tried in awhile but I was really close to at one point. I tried it seat in front though. Ill have to give that a shot. That was pretty cool. bien.
Edit: De donde eres?

its that flute beat box thing …:smiley:

Yes, its the flute beat boxing version by Greg Pattillo.

Soy de Madrid, y tu??

That flute beat box guy has some skill.

Very creative trick at the end! I’ll look forward to someone landing that one.

Edit: Love the valve cap too :smiley:

If you mean the seatwhip, it has already been done several times. But still this guy was pretty close to landing it (closer than me :p)

Cool video man. Nice riding and editing. The part at about 50 seconds where you jumped over the camera was really cool and original. And awesome valve cap!

I wouldn’t necessarily agree with using music like that with a video because the amazingness of the musicianship can take away from the riding, but you pulled it off really well.

Keep it up!

Thanks to all of you for the coments.
Uni_mattster, I think that the music with lyrics can take away from the riding much more than an instrumental song, but I agree with you in the fact that concretly this musician could do it… :smiley:

Soy de los Estados Unidos.

I’ve never seen it before, I’ve only seen it done on ledges and some shots of people trying it in midair… Care to link me?

I’ve never seen it before, I’ve only seen it done on ledges and some shots of people trying it in midair… Care to link me?

I don’t remember where I saw it, I think it was some french vid on utv. Another guy from Sweden has also landed it but he doesn’t want me to spread his footage :o


High Quality version?

Some of the longer, far off shots would have been a lot better if you could have gotten a camera person who kept it steady.

It’s in one of the earlier Koxx One vids, towards the end.

i like the transition from hopping over the camera, worked well
a very fluid video, liked it