Street/trials uni recomendations

well, ive been riding a 24" nimbus freestyle for trils and street stuff lateley, and its starting to show on it. so i want to get a new uni. i like the koxx one white widow, and of course the KH20. Im gonna be lifegaurding over the summer, so price isnt a to much of a factor. I like the white widow the most, but i dont really want to pay 511 USD for it. any recomendations?

the white widow is a great uni… has then for $442 USD after shipping. i just got mine in the mail the other day and i love it. i think it is definately one of the better trials uni’s on the market, and plus it’s sooo sexy lookin.

so i decided on the White Widow, cause from what ive heard its basicly the same as the KH20, except its a whole lot sexier. I only have one more question, and rather than start a new thread ill ask here. Is there any other place to get a white widow other than renagade juggling in the midwest united states, if not i have no problem using renagade, but i like to look around and maybe find a deal,

Well, every single part of the KH20 is better than the corresponding part from Koxx (if you don’t think so, tell me a part that is not).

The only reason to buy a Koxx is the sexier look, but you can easily pimp your KH20 (some flame stickers…). I had the Koxx Red Devil and it is a nice unicycle, but the KH20 is simply better in every respect.

KH is generally respected in the community, while Koxx earned a reputation of screwing customers (look in this thread for example).

that’s a load of rubbish.

seatpost clamp. - i have a kh my mate has the koxx they look identical except for the paint job on them.

hub and cranks - i’d take a koxx over kh hub and cranks anyday.

the tryall tyre might be better than the maxxis depending on what your doing

seat post - virtually the same.

seat - personal preferenc, cant really say ones better than the other.

i’d rather the pedals that come on the koxx than a kh casue snafus arent that crash hot for trials / street.

we cant prove whichevever is better, we dont have data saying which is stronger. given a chocie i’d probably take the koxx over the KH, not only does it look better i’d like it much better too.

Why would you prefer the koxx crankset over the KH crankset? I haven’t heard of anyone breaking the KH before and they also look so much better.

The tryall is apparently gripper but doesn’t last as long as the maxxis cc which also gives more than enough grip.

The pedals on the koxx are probably are better for street, but the snafu’s are fine for trials.

Haven’t ever used or seen the seat on the koxx before so I can’t say.

In my opinion the KH frame is perfect for trials and street, I would rather it than the koxx.

I also like the KH rim better because its really light and really strong.

O.K., not every single part. Seatpost, seatclamp and tire are even. Now lets look at the other parts:

frame: KH obviously, much lighter and still durable, nice shape.

hub: KH is ISIS, Koxx is not (vendor lock-in), strength is probably equal

cranks: The inserts in the Koxx cranks often loosen (I have personally seen it happen two times), while so far nobody managed to destroy the new KH cranks. The shape of the KHs is better for street (flat surface instead of convex).

rim: KH uses a higher quality aloy and eyelets.

seat: KH is more durable (from my personal experience) and has the removable fusion cover (great for switching to a carbon plate later on)

pedals: KH now comes with the Jim C’s, which are really nice.

reputation: Kris is a great guy, while Koxx continues to lie about the ISIS issue. Kris approached quality issues openly (like the rim-issue some time ago), as opposed to Koxx.

I would say that these are some pretty objective reasons. :sunglasses:

P.S. Oh, Tom was faster. Maybe together we will suceed in persuading the last remaining Koxx fanboy. :wink:

The Koxx frame and the KH frame aren’t comparable

The Koxx White widow has a standard steel unicycle frame (admittedly it is painted black with pretty stickers)

The Kris Holm frame is made from aluminum, is lighter and has proper machined bearing husings rather than the pressed bearing housings the Koxx has, if you don’t like Blue there is always the option to paint it.


first off alot of people will argue that the crmo koxx frame is stronger than the KH

and others will argue the hubset is stronger,others will say the eyelets are pointless and you’d be better off saving the weight

i personally recon the Koxx seat is more comfortable, although truth be told the fusion cover is awesome.

pedals, well snafu’s suck but jimi C’s are supposed to be good, but koxx pedals are pretty cool too

Either way they are both really nice uni’s

at the end of the day its not helping to shout at this guy “koxx sucks”

just ot mention the koxx frame is powdercoated not painted, and its not standard steel its cromoly steel :stuck_out_tongue:

and wot i still dont get, if people were that worried about weight, they’d all have plastic pedals… :smiley:

As I said, the Koxx unicycles are still quite good (and I was happy with mine until I sold it).
But currently the KH has so many advantages that I think its an easy choice.

see thats more like it :stuck_out_tongue:

lol btw i have a koxx red devil, and i’m very happy with it, i have to say there aint that much difference between the KH 07, i could actually feel the weight difference tbh lol

but i would say the KH 07 is better value for money but it is slightly more… the cranks are better though nice thick and flat. i have to say thats only thing i dont like about my koxx.