[street/trials] S.L.U.P. video 3

heres some more riding from the salt lake unicycle posse. some old school street and trials in downtown salt lake city.

If you like the spots in the video come out for the weekend of march 26th. were hosting the first urban uni gathering. P.M. me for more info.

Another enjoyable vid :slight_smile: (I just watched the voodoo one). Keep those sympathic vid coming (makes me want to ride so bad, and the snow is melting pretty fast here, it was 7 celcius today :D). Liked the 1st and 2nd clip

Yeah, nice video.

It’s pretty sunny today in Chicago, but there is still lots of snow left to melt. I’m jealous.

I liked that video a lot. Nice to see some grinds :slight_smile:

just wait for our next vid. we should have a 20 foot ledge grind and probably some handrails. im also gunna try and get some tech street in there(im gunna try a varial-180 Xup) even though i suck at it haha.