street/trials/flatland riders in Pennsylvania?

Hey i live in West Chester PA. im just wondering if there are any other riders in the surrounding area??

Pittsburgh here. There is another dude out side of Philly, he said he mainly does muni though.

I live in pine grove. There’s like 3 of us out here. We all ride street, flat, and trials.

I’m from south-central, about 15 mins outside of Harrisburg. I almost went to WCU! I don’t really ride trials or flat, I just thought I’d respond because I go to school in Texas and miss PA :frowning:

Still a few weeks before I go home for winter break :frowning:

wow i live pretty close to Harrisburg.

Yo, where outside of harrisburg? I moved to mount joy in aug. and I ride w/ a dude from harrisburg alot

Which pine grove? I think there’s like four in pa. Are you up off 81 above 78 or maybe the one in the bottom of lancaster co. near the border?

im like 40 min out side of philly. lansdale? westchester is not far at all. but i don’t unicycle

I’m about 10 minutes from you. I live outside of Exton. I just took delivery of my new Torker AX. Haven’t been on a unicycle in about 15 years so I need to dust the cobwebs off before I can really start doing any tricks.


well get to it and lets ride

Here you are! I’m in Carlisle, which is south-west of Harrisburg.

Anybody around?

I am in Willow Grove.

lets get together and ride!

when and where ?

Wish I wasn’t so far away.

I am from Willow Grove, PA. It doesn’t seem like there are any other riders around here.

Depends on what you mean by “riders” and “around here.” I live near Jenkintown train station, and I can stay on my unicycle for a few hundred feet :slight_smile:

York County…Red Lion area

Three words:

Martin’s Potato Chips.

I am in Central Philly and when i get back will be looking for people to ride with.

Have been hanging in New Zealand for the last few months riding quite a bit of MUNI and commuting.