[street-trial]French video

A video with maxime cabot in trial ( 3rd in trial, 3rd in stairspeed and 1st in speed trial at flucks) Renaud rapasse at trial to And me(victor) in street
Hope you enjoy our video

Ps: sorry il ma english is bad…

Great Vid! A good mix of street and trials. Very nice Trials lines and good skinnies.

I liked it it was nice and fast paced expesially the pedals stalls backup to rubber most people take 20 seconds to do that. the line that you sped up was pogoish.

that was good. How old are you guys?

really good video, I loved the line with the tree.

Good job

great vid, and some awsome skills… trés bien, les francoises…

ahahah good try but that is more of an insult than a compliment.

we say “français”

I loved the tree line too nice quick trails