(street,trial,flat) Unis

hello with all, veiled new a sympathetic video, with Chad Crowe, Emile, Hugo, Monojo, Nicolas, Marine and Me.
Thanks and good holidays with all.

that was pretty good.

7/3/07-my part

yea was a cool video, my part was a little long though (my fault). :sunglasses:
but alltogether it was pretty cool.
my next video I will put nothing in slow mo lol.

Yeh that was a nice video.


I liked yours and Marine’s Part most, especially her 1ft-unispin and the 360unispin.
It was a great pleasure for me to judge the streetcontest at fluck and she defenitely had won the girls-contest, if she had landed the 360unispin.

p.s.:sorry for my english

:stuck_out_tongue: I was going to mention that. You should look into some leg armor with knee protection too, something like the KH leg armor which also has the side effect of looking a little bit cooler than soccer shinguards with big white socks. Not bad riding though, work on the camera angles a little bit.

Good job to everyone else too.

yep I have 661’s now.

I started working on another video yesterday, though it wont be done for a month, long term project, and I’m really happy, with the crankflip off the bench, most of the scenes have something to do with a bench, and I found out how to make sences brighter!

I didn’t like my part…

Mostly because I sended other footages that were by far better than what is in this and Adrien didn’t put it. I remember trying a line over and over again during an hour, and my cameraman was saying take 1, take 2, etc untill 50, then saying take A, take B, etc, then take Alpha, take Beta, etc, then again take 1, take 2, untill 26, then I got it (This long sentence was just to tell you how long it was :stuck_out_tongue: ). It might also be because there was close to no editing in my part… :thinking: :o I know Adrien had computer issues, but he had like 2 months to do that…

Except these little things, the vid was great ! Good riding and riders in there, congrats to all of us and thank you to Adrien for organizing this !