Street style???

Hey all,

Right now I only do trials, but would really like to get into Street. I don’t really know anything about street, I was wondering what are some of the things I should start learning? all I know of are grinding and spinning, like 360, and I’m not even sure how to grind, do you leen back when grinding something flat? Thanks a lot.


no! never lean back when grinding!!! the uni will slip out fron under you…

if anything you should lean forward…

Re: Street style???

To be good at street I think you really need to work on freestyle moves and
work on overall smoothness. You have to make everything flow, and you have to
be able to control the uni perfectly.


you need plenty of speed to get grinding

learn to crank grab realy well, a crank grind is pretty much like a grab but you keep moving.

when you’re learning try loads of diferent surfaces to find the best one, ledges are easier than rails which you need to pedal grind

pedal grinds are a bit more difficult , and i cant do them.

other street stuff includes foot plants, hand plants (which i did once and never repeated), doing trials moves whilst hopping on the wheel, (grabs, gaps,)

street stuff is prety new to unicycling, you sholuld just see whats possible

and of course gliding always makes people at the skatepark say “wow” even if like me you can only go a few feet


i’ve never heard of street unicycling before, i unicycle on the streeets around my town but thats not reallt strreet uni…:stuck_out_tongue:

basicly its doing cool stuff on a trials uni. not a very good definition i know.
its realy just us unicyclists stealing tricks and ideas from street bmx.

Re: Street style???

>basicly its doing cool stuff on a trials uni.

Some people also just use a freestyle uni with a primo tire and some B.E.

Coasting is a sweet street move.