Street stuff + Addict+ Monty

hi, im in Canada, does anyone know where addict stuff would be available for me to buy? and for street,whats a good light uni with a fair price tag on it for how good it is? How are the Monty cranks?

(found on the sight above under cranks.) And finally is it better to have a sticky tire or a tire with less tread for street stuff?
(im looking into street now, yes i keep changing my mind, but because i want to try some trials stuff because i found some good places to go for that but i still wanna be able to do flat stuff if i want and go to the skate park)

Looking for Addict unicycle products in Canada - Good news we at Canada have it on way - but you will have to wait as Yoggi has only made one batch so far. We have become the official distributor for Canada and will be getting product as soon as more is made.